What is a GAP Year?

A year set apart for a life set apart.

Standing in the GAP is an exciting internship program for 18-22 year olds from Kairos outreaches all over the world. As a GAP intern, you get to be on the front lines of Kairos' work of building a community of disciples on mission. Practically this means taking a year off from school; moving to an official GAP location; living in household; and serving in the community, university outreach, and youth programs.

Gap interns are expected to:

  • Set apart this time wholly to the service of the Lord
  • Strive to live the life of a disciple daily
  • Love and serve generously
  • Embrace the call of The Sword of the Spirit as an international, ecumenical community

GAP Essentials 

Community, Formation, Service

Community Immersion

A Gap year is a year spent together with your fellow interns, housemates, UCO students, and the local Sword of the Spirit community. As a Gap intern you will make a special temporary commitment to the community in which you are placed, and participate fully in its life. It will be a unique opportunity to gain a broader vision for life in the Sword of the Spirit and community life outside your hometown. 

Formation & Training

Each week you will participate in Gap Training Academy. The training will vary and will range from reading Christian biographies and theological works, to discussions with Christian leaders from within the Sword of the Spirit, as well as practical service activities. You will also participate in the formation program of the local community. The bottom line is that you can expect to have a variety of learning experiences, which will be challenging, fun, and focused on equipping you for the life of a disciple.

Service & Mission

To be a Gap Intern is to be a servant. You will work for many hours, you will travel long distances, and you will have to get up early the next day to do it all over again. In this way, you will have the opportunity to follow the example of our Lord who came not to be served but to serve. As a Gapper you will learn first-hand that in giving more of your life in the service of the Lord, you will find more freedom and joy than you ever thought possible.

Why should I stand in the Gap?

You should stand in the Gap if…

You want to make a substantial difference in the world around you.

If you are the kind of person that aims to shake things up on college campuses, in social settings, and work environments, you should stand in the Gap. Our world is in need of radical men and women who want to live out their faith, not just talk about it.Not only will you make a substantial difference through your service, but you will also make a substantial difference with the way you live your life after standing in the Gap.

You should stand in the Gap if…

You want to have a competitive edge.

The Gap program will prepare you for the demands of both college and adulthood. The program will give you the ability to influence those around you in your university years and more importantly, in the years that follow university. Standing in the Gap will establish you as a game-changer and role model, as well as, solidify you as a leader as you carry the torch of Christ for the rest of your life. Your time as a Gapper will teach you how to serve effectively, how to make significant decisions, and how to live your life daily as a disciple.

You should stand in the Gap if…

You want to significantly grow in your faith.

The Gap program is the perfect place to serve The Lord and grow in maturity and wisdom. Through formative teachings, retreats, service, and prayer meetings you will have the chance to deepen your faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. You will be challenged if you choose to commit to the Gap program, however, your faith will grow exponentially and you will be forever grateful for it. Standing in the Gap will ensure that you have a clearer and more articulate understanding of your faith as you explore it throughout the year.