About Kairos Fellowship

Kairos Fellowship partners with families, schools, churches, and Christian communities to help them fully evangelize their boys to Christ and form them in strong Christian character and a mature walk in the Lord.

The Fellowship is relationship and activity based.  Every Fellowship activity or program focuses boys on Christian discipleship, servanthood, and being brothers together in Christ.

Our events are staffed by experienced adult youth workers along with mature university and high school males who serve as role models for boys. 

Kairos Fellowship is part of a larger international youth agency called Kairos International. Our staff is made up of dedicated youth workers with years of experience working with boys.

Our three main programs consist of:

· Preparing for Adolescence Weekends

· The Wilderness Camp Program

· The Fellowship Network 

Our programs are designed to create a continuum of relationships that direct boys into other high school and university programs that will form them in a lifestyle of mature Christian discipleship and mission.


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