What Kairos does to protect our youth

  • Kairos volunteers must be in our pastoral care system for at least 6 months
  • Kairos volunteers do not work alone (our typical participant to staff ratio is 3:1 or better, and each staff or volunteer has a supervisor at 10:1 ratio)
  • Kairos volunteers must read, sign, and follow our youth worker policy
  • Kairos volunteers receive thorough training (described below)
  • Kairos volunteers must clear a yearly criminal background check

How we train our staff

Frontline Volunteers

  • We train them for the task we’re asking them to do
    • Kairos volunteers have clear objectives in their role with youth, and maintain healthy emotional boundaries.
  • We train them how to conduct themselves
    • Kairos volunteers follow a strict personal conduct policy that covers controlled substances, relationship with youth, sexual conduct, a statement of faith, and a non-proselytization policy.
  • We train them to get help for things we’ve not asked them to do
    • Kairos volunteers know when to get help from supervisors and possibly trained medical professionals.


  • We train them to report to proper authorities if needed
    • Kairos supervisors know how to get youth who are in trouble the long term help they need
    • Kairos supervisors know how to identify situations that are beyond youth workers’ capacity to handle and how to take action to help in these situations
  • We train them in how to follow up with local leaders who can continue to help youth after a Kairos event
  • We train them in how to handle situations of confidentiality
    • Kairos supervisors know how to handle common scenarios when youth bring up something significant
  • We train them in how to respond when there are concerns about staff/volunteers ability to fulfill their role