2020 Update

We have been in the process of updating, clarifying, and strengthening our approach to protecting our youth.  Our current Youth Workers Personal Conduct Policies may be found here.  From May 1st, the following documents will replace our current policies

What Kairos does to protect our youth

  • Kairos volunteers and staff must read, sign, and follow our youth worker policy
  • Kairos volunteers and staff receive training for their role (described below)
  • Kairos volunteers and staff must clear a yearly criminal background check (provided by SecureSearch Faith)
  • Kairos volunteers and staff must be under the pastoral care of a Sword of the Spirit affiliated community or outreach for six months prior to serving at our events, or in our programs
  • Kairos volunteers and staff do not work alone.  Further, our typical participant to staff ratio is 5:1 or less, and each staff or volunteer has a supervisor

How we train our staff

Frontline Volunteers

  • We train them for the task we’re asking them to do: Kairos volunteers have clear objectives in their role with youth
  • We train them how to conduct themselves: Kairos volunteers follow a personal conduct policy
  • We train them to get help for things we’ve not asked them to do: Kairos volunteers and staff know when to get help from supervisors and, where appropriate, trained professionals


  • We train them to report to proper authorities if needed
  • We train them in how to follow up with local community leaders who can continue to help youth after a Kairos event
  • We train them in how to handle situations of confidentiality
  • We train them in how to respond when there are concerns about staff/volunteers ability to fulfill their role