Awakening Venturesome Faith


What We Value

Kairos Time

Retreats, trips, and seasons that are extraordinary: set apart. Times when God acts, and we respond.

Embracing the Struggle

Suffering produces endurance; endurance, character; character, hope. We want our youth to grow the resolve that allows them to experience this.


Our Christ-centered, inter-community, life-long relationships help hold The Sword of the Spirit together. We provide environments where these are built.

Servant Heartedness

We are servants. We serve the Sword of the Spirit by serving its youth and calling them to take their place in our mission.

Big Life Vision

God’s plan for our life is bigger than our own. We want to help our youth look to heaven and reject the passing idols of this age.

“Yes, Lord”

Taking the next step as a disciple, and claiming Jesus as Lord.