Awakening Venturesome Faith


Our purpose is to help youth find theirs. We exist to call young people to follow Jesus Christ, and to invite them into a venturesome faith.

What We Value

Kairos Time

We value time that is set apart: different from the everyday, protected from distraction. These are times when God acts, and we can respond.

Embracing the Struggle

Life is full of hardships and obstacles. We want to encourage our youth to rise to these challenges, meet them with hope, and become antifragile.


Christ-centered, life-long relationships help hold our communities together. We seek to provide the environments where these are built.

Servant Heartedness

We are honored to serve young people. And we serve them greatly when we model a servant’s heart, and invite them to serve one another.

Big Life Vision

God’s plan for our life is bigger than our own. We want to help young people look to eternity, and see their lives as The Lord sees them.

“Yes, Lord”

Every person’s walk with God involves a next step. We value these opportunities for growth, and invite all to say “yes” to Jesus, The Lord.