About the Boys Adventure Trips

Our Boys Adventure Trips offer an outdoor camping program that forms junior and high school boys in strong Christian character and equips them for a mature walk the Lord. The program is designed for boys to encounter and be challenged by the beauty of God's creation. Through these outdoor trips, boys are able to form lasting experiences and friendships with each other that are rooted in the Lord.

7th grade Boys Trip

Dates: Saturday, July 29th - Saturday, August 5th, 2023
Location: Virginia
Cost: $405
Estimated Trip Size: 5 - 16 Boys
Registration Deadline: June 28

9th grade Boys Trip

Dates: July 5th - July 17th, 2023
Location: Wyoming
Cost: $455
Estimated Trip Size: 6 - 16 Boys
Registration Deadline: June 7

8th grade Boys Trip

Dates: Saturday, June 17th - Saturday, June 24th, 2023
Location: New York
Cost: $455
Estimated Trip Size: 6 - 16 Boys
Registration Deadline: May 24

10th grade Boys Trip

Dates: July 22 - July 27, 2023
Location: TBA
Cost: $405
Estimated Trip Size: 6 - 16 Boys
Registration Deadline: May 1, or when trip fills up

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Frequently Asked Questions

What gear do I need?
Mostly, we’ll ask you to bring your own things like hiking boots, bug spray, a flashlight and your own clothing. Most guys bring their own backpacks and sleeping bags. Kairos Fellowship has a large supply of backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear, and other camping gear; we’ll make sure you have what you need! Each trip has its own list of things to bring, and we’ll communicate this to participants and parents after sign-up.

Can I go on a trip if I'm older/younger than the age listed?
We don’t like to take guys younger than 13 (sometimes a 12 year old will come…) because our trips are physically demanding. We like to take older and experienced guys on the Wyoming trip, so a younger guy can’t go on that trip unless we have extra space. If you want to go on a trip outside your age, we‘ll have to talk.

How do I pay?
We ask that checks get mailed to Kairos. We can invoice you to arrange a digital payment, on request. After sign-up for the trip we'll send you more information.

Do I need to attend the entire trip?
Yes. We rarely make exceptions for this, but can flex a little for the start and end of trips.

How does transportation work?
Kairos Fellowship provides transportation during the trip. We help to facilitate rides to the start and end of trips (i.e. a group of guys from NJ and a group of guys from MI will drive to VA). The Michigan crew usually meets the “East” crew (NJ and PA) at our starting point in VA and NY, but for WY, we meet in MI.

What kind of physical challenge is involved?
Backpacks often weigh 25-35 pounds loaded, so that can be a good challenge. We rarely hike more than 10 miles a day. We sleep in tents, cook our own meals, and do our “business” in the woods. These are the normal “happy inconveniences” of backpacking. We can work with guys that have dietary restrictions.

Can Dads attend? Can a high-schooler/university guy come to help?
Sure! Dads are welcomed but certainly not required to come. Anyone can Contact Brian if interested, but we do ask that all adults on trips are members of Sword of the Spirit communities or outreaches.

Where can I get more information?
Get in touch with Brian!