About Adventure Guides

The Guide program is the apex service opportunity within Kairos. Adventure Guides will be pushed outside their comfort zone and into real responsibility. The program is 2 months long, and designed for 18-22 year olds who have graduated from high school. Guides will spend their summer serving as staff on the Kairos summer trips and will act as big brothers and big sisters to participants. It will be a summer of growth, mission, and friendship.

  • Dates: ~ June 11 - August 7
  • Cost: $3,500 - $3,900 (this amount is fundraised and a $600 stipend is included)
  • Availability is limited: 2-4 men and 2-4 women

About Kairos Internship

The Kairos Internship, formally called a “Gap Year”, is a year set apart for a life set apart. Located in Lansing, MI, the program is geared towards high school graduates. It involves Christian formation, missionary training, household and community living, mentorship, and adventure. Interns also have the opportunity to serve with Kairos and University Christian Outreach missionaries. While Interns have a full schedule, they may also work or take classes at the local community college.

  • Dates: August to July
  • Cost: $3,500 minimum, Interns may raise up to $4,600 to cover all retreat expenses

Application Process

  • To get started, fill out this Application
  • Kairos Staff will reach out and schedule an interview
  • Within 2 weeks of your interview Kairos will send you an email letting you know our decision on your application
  • If you are offered a spot, you will have 2 weeks to either accept or reject the offer


Reach out to Stephen Giles