Our purpose is to help young people find theirs. Our vision is a generation of youth equipped to stand: young men and women who are confident in their faith, leaders in church and society, and on mission for the good news of Jesus Christ. We work towards this by doing four things:

  • We run programs to help youth grow as Christian disciples
  • We partner with other Christian organizations as a way for us to connect young people to missionary environments
  • We serve churches and Christian communities to improve their ability to work with their youth
  • We provide resources to help young people follow the Lord, and to help others engage in youth ministry


Kairos is the ancient Greek word for the opportune moment, the special season, and the right time. It’s the time when God acts, and we respond.

Young people live in just this sort of time. It’s when they make the decisions that determine the person they will become and when they have the opportunity to give their whole lives for something truly significant.

Our organization was created to encounter young men and women during this kairos in their lives: to introduce them to Jesus Christ, to call them into mature discipleship, and to walk with them as they respond.


Kairos is the family of youth and college outreaches related through The Sword of the Spirit. The Sword of the Spirit is an international, ecumenical association of Christian communities. These communities are not churches but groups of church-going families and singles striving to live as disciples on mission. While we mainly work in this context, we also partner with other organizations that are equipping their youth to stand.