Kairos Summit

Dates: Wednesday, July 10 - Sunday, July 14, 2024

Location: Near Louisville, Kentucky

Cost - $300

Registration will close May 20

A note on transportation: For those who live near Michigan, we offer transportation with the Kairos vans for an additional $40. Those from farther away have often carpooled with other youth and local youth workers. Please connect with other families, local youth workers, and with the Kairos Staff to coordinate this.

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About the Kairos Summit

The Kairos Summit is a 5-day trip for juniors and seniors. It’s a time away together to experience Kairos culture and to talk about discipleship, mission, the call of The Sword of the Spirit, and the big question: what comes next? The Summit contains typical retreat elements such as talks and worship, along with outdoor adventure activities.

The aim is to help youth understand their community heritage, what opportunities lie before them, and to call them on to radical, lifelong discipleship. Because of this, the Kairos staff believe this is the most important event we produce!

Youth will find the content to be of a deeper and more serious nature than on other Kairos trips, as we will discuss the call and costs of discipleship and help them prepare to launch into their post high school years. We offer this trip for both juniors and seniors in the hopes that all our high schoolers can attend at least once, but we think that the summer after junior year is the most strategic time.

The 4 Goals of the Kairos Summit

  1. Present a strong and radical call to discipleship
  2. Invite youth to consider what’s next and challenge them to make a contribution
  3. Share the vision and prophetic call of The Sword of the Spirit
  4. Highlight key elements of our way of life: morning and night prayer, celebrating The Lord's Day, household life, and charismatic worship

Key Trip Elements

  • Morning prayer, personal prayer, and night prayer each day
  • An outdoor activity each day (hiking, swimming, paddling…)
  • Service alongside one another (cooking, doing dishes, cleaning…)
  • Vision and discipleship oriented content each day
  • Split men’s and women’s time for activity and prayer
  • Excellent fellowship together
  • Prayer meeting with prayer ministry
  • Lord’s Day Celebration
  • No phone/media use (helping all participants engage in the above elements)

Frequently Asked Questions

What about Cell Phones?

We understand that many parents may want their youth to have their cell phones because of the travel, however youth will not be allowed to have their cell phones with them during the Summit.

How do I pay for the Summit?

You can pay online at the button on the Youth Registration or Staff Registration pages. Or, you may make a check out to "The Sword of the Spirit" and, on the memo line, indicate "Summit" along with the names of the people you're paying for. Please send the check to the following address: 

Attn: Kairos Summit
1502 River Terrace
East Lansing, MI 48823